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Used in electric power distribution systems for the control and protection of circuit conductors and equipment, these freestanding electrical power distribution metal-enclosed line ups are built with corner post construction using draw out or fixed insulated case and power circuit breakers or fusible switches.  Metering compartments may be incorporated and custom configurations are possible as structural and most electrical components are designed and fabricated in-house.  Available in indoor (NEMA 1) and outdoor (NEMA 3R) configurations using steel or stainless steel construction.  Available features include:

  • UL® 891 standards in design and construction

  • 1,000A / in2 copper bus

  • Energy-Reducing Maintenance Switching

  • Contactors

  • Transformers, both power and control

  • Lighting panels

  • Capacitor banks

  • Time clocks

  • Heaters and thermostats

  • Lights

  • Receptacles

  • Ground fault relays

  • Shunt trip operators

  • Kirk key interlocks

  • Auxiliary switches, blown fuse detectors and phase failure relays

  • End User electronic metering including harmonics

  • Manual and automatic transfer switches, including Main-Tie-Main auto throwover schemes

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